Hurricane Harvey: Open for BusinessBeach Resort Port Aransas Texas, RV Sites and Cottages


We are excited to announce we are back open for business! Until today, only workers helping to repair Pioneer and Port A could stay onsite. But with electricity now restored to the RV sites, we will have over 300 spots open by the end of the week.

We are anxiously awaiting power to be restored to our office so that we may access the system. As soon as we’re connected, Susan will begin contacting reservations, working through payment issues and taking summer reservations.

Thank you for your patience and understand as we wade through several weeks of backlogging—and as we get back on our feet!


Thank you for all the concern as we repair. At this time, we are still waiting for power to be restored, but have made quick progress around the property. Multiple electric parts and cabins have been ordered. We will begin taking summer reservations as soon as we can get our office back up. Again, thank you for your patience!

Port A Proud

Sept 5th Update:

We have opened the park to host those helping with cleanup of Port A and surrounding areas. We are still clearing everything but we do have some pull-throughs open in the 400s for you and other helpers. We do want to warn you we are without power, water, or sewage at this point. GM, Ralph Fels has offered his cell for urgent needs (956) 451-6900. Please contact him about your reservation.


As of 6 PM Saturday September 3rd, Pioneer is almost there! We have a generator supplying power, sewer lines are back, and we are waiting for water and electricity. But we’ve made great progress on cleanup and temporary bathhouse has arrived. We now have 28 spaces with generator power and sewer hookups but still no water (non-potable water available). Pioneer is open for limited business!

We know you all have a lot of questions, and we are doing our best to get you answers quickly. Please check this post as we update with new information.

GM, Ralph Fels has offered his cell for urgent needs (956) 451-6900. Please contact him about your reservation.

What repairs are needed/being done?
Is my property OK?
Can I help?
Can I stay?
Can I see pictures?
Is my reservation still good?
When can we start booking for next summer?

Copano Bay Construction arrived at 8 AM Tuesday, August 29 to begin clean up

Today (8/29) is the first day the Port Aransas let us in to inspect the park. We have hit the ground running. All rigs that were turned over have been righted, roads have been cleared.

By this evening we should have two forty yard dumpsters for debris and a water truck to begin rinsing the electrical gear of salt water. The buildings have been opened up to dry and we are assessing total damage. Two out of 361 pads were damaged and roads are fine. About 280 of our electrical and water hook up are good.

The buildings have water damage but were limited to about one foot of flooding in the Rec Hall to 3 inches in the Green Bath House. All buildings have some wind damage but are intact.

Thank you Copano Bay Construction!

“The reports of [our] death are greatly exaggerated!”
– Mark Twain

We thank you for all the encouragement through out Harvey’s aftermath. The park sustained substantial damage, BUT, we are repairing! Reports of greater damage are false.
When power & water are restored, we intend to have all usable RV sites up and running ASAP.

Price Increase to Cover Cost of Pier Updates

Sometime between March 1, 2017 and spring break, the price-per-pole and admission cost at Horace Caldwell Pier will rise. Currently, it costs $2 to access the pier and $2 per fishing pole.

The new prices will be as follows: $3 for admission and $4 for each fishing pole.

Because You Don’t Win Friends with Salad

This Friday, November 18th, at 5pm we’re having a Steak Night! You can buy tickets at the Service Desk. The first grill time is at 5pm, so bring your best meat and show the other grill masters what you’ve got.

We Have Much to be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving this year fall on Thursday, November 24th and we’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for our guests. The dinner will be at 1pm and we ask that you please bring a side dish to share. Please be sure to sign up by November 21st.


We All Scream for Ice Cream

Join us for an ice cream social at 6:30pm every Sunday for the month of November! You never know who you’ll meet over a sweet treat.