Hurricane Harvey: Clean up Begins!Beach Resort Port Aransas Texas, RV Sites and Cottages

Aug 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey clean up

Copano Bay Construction arrived at 8 AM Tuesday, August 29 to begin clean up

Today (8/29) is the first day the Port Aransas let us in to inspect the park. We have hit the ground running. All rigs that were turned over have been righted, roads have been cleared.

By this evening we should have two forty yard dumpsters for debris and a water truck to begin rinsing the electrical gear of salt water. The buildings have been opened up to dry and we are assessing total damage. Two out of 361 pads were damaged and roads are fine. About 280 of our electrical and water hook up are good.

The buildings have water damage but were limited to about one foot of flooding in the Rec Hall to 3 inches in the Green Bath House. All buildings have some wind damage but are intact.

Thank you Copano Bay Construction!

“The reports of [our] death are greatly exaggerated!”
– Mark Twain