Frequently Asked Questions

About Pioneer RV Resort and Port Aransas

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Questions About the Park

Do you allow pets? If so are there any restrictions on type or breed?
The following breeds are not allowed in the park (no exceptions): Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Dobermans, Rottweilers/Chows, American Bulldogs, and Wolf Hybrids. You must honestly disclose your breed type when making reservation. Upon arriving, any unauthorized dog will not be allowed into the park. Any pet demonstrating vicious or aggressive behavior or excessive barking will be evicted from the park with no refunds.
What are your rules regarding dogs?
At Pioneer, we welcome furry friends to our park provided that they aren’t a restricted breed. You will be responsible for collecting any droppings and properly disposing of them. Also take care to not allow pets to relieve themselves on the flowers, bushes or other landscaping, or on our neighbor’s property. You will also be liable for any damage that your pet causes, and you will be billed if your pet damages our property or the property of anyone else.

All dogs must be on a leash at all times, with no exceptions. If there are repeated violations of these rules, you will be ejected from the park.

Can I tour the park?
Unfortunately, we do not offer tours of the park to potential guests. Only registered guests are allowed on-site.
Can I bring guests to the park?
Unfortunately, only registered guests who are parked at a campsite or staying in a cabin or rental RV are allowed in the park.
Can I live at the park year round? Do you have residential options?
No. Pioneer Beach Resort is intended to be a vacation destination, and is not a residential park. While we offer extended stays for winter Texans and snowbirds, the maximum length of any stay is 8 months. We reserve the right to limit stays for any reason. All rigs must be in good condition to stay at the park, with no exceptions.
Am I allowed to host a party during my stay?
We do not allow guests into the park, and any disruptive or loud noise will not be tolerated. The park has quiet hours from 10 PM to 8AM, so we ask that you keep noise to a minimum during these hours. Also, drunken or otherwise obnoxious behavior of any kind is not allowed and can result in your eviction from the park. We also prohibit illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, and any use of these substances will result in the immediate termination of your stay and removal from the park.
What sort of birds make a visit to the birding pond?
Port Aransas is visited each year by many different species of birds, including Roseate Spoonbills, Least Grebes, Reddish Egrets, Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, Bitterns, and Rails. Pioneer’s birding pond attracts some of these species at different times throughout the day, so get your binoculars ready!
When is the best time to visit?
While Port Aransas is beautiful any time of year, some of our guests’ favorite months to visit are March, April, May in the spring, and October and November in the fall. The weather during these times is warm, with plenty of sunny days to be had. Aside from spring break, these months are typically outside of the main tourist season so the beach is a lot less crowded. During these months you’ll find temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and the water will be cool, but swimmable.
Where can I rent a golf cart?
We allow rental golf carts into the park, provided they don’t have any advertising on them. Our preferred vendor is Texas Red Golf Carts, as their carts do not have any advertising.

The use of golf carts is limited to persons 16 years of age or older with valid license unless accompanied by a parent or other individual over 21 years of age. Unsafe operations of any vehicle will not be tolerated. All golf carts must have a park sticker. These may be obtained from the office for a $35.00 fee.

Questions About Port Aransas, TX

Can you park an RV on a Port Aransas beach?
If you purchase a beach parking permit (available at most gas stations and convenience stores on the island), you can park your RV on a Port Aransas beach. However, you can only keep your RV on the beach for a maximum of 3 nights.
How far is the town of Port Aransas from Pioneer? Can I walk there?
Port Aransas is about an 8-minute drive from the park. We do not recommend attempting to walk to town as the park is on a narrow two-lane road that spans the island from north to south. Pioneer is right on the beach, and you will not need to cross any roads to get there. If you need supplies during your stay, we have an on-site convenience store that has many of the essentials you will need.
Is there a parking fee to park a car or an RV on the beach?
Yes. In order to park on the beach, whether with a car or RV you will need to purchase a beach parking permit. In 2022, the Port Aransas beach parking permit is $12.
What is the temperature like in the spring, summer, fall, and winter?
In Port Aransas, temperatures during the spring usually have highs in the 70s and 80s, with lows in the mid-60s to low 70s. During the summer months it can get hot in Port Aransas, with temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 90s, and lows around 80 degrees. In fall, the temperatures are similar to our spring time temperatures. During winter, it typically feels like a crisp fall day with temperatures between 50-70 degrees on most days, with lows in the 40s.

The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are swimmable from the end of April until late-October, with water temperatures ranging between 70 – 80 degrees. During winter, the waters are too cold to swim, but local residents enjoy walking on the beach. During the winter, Texans get out and enjoy outdoor activities. The cooler temps prompt many people to visit Texas during our mild and temperate winters.

Can you swim in the Gulf of Mexico during the winter?
While some people brave the cooler water temperatures and take a dip in the Gulf on warmer days, for most people, the water is too cold to swim during the winter months. Water temperatures are usually around 60 degrees.